Ekologist is a leftfìeld/experimental bass project by electronic producer Jeneya Smith.

Originally from Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, Jeneya began his musical endeavors with guitar at 10 years old. His music began to flow in the progressive metal direction, and soon evolved towards jazz and fingerstyle guitar. Loving the concept of taking all aspects of his music into his own hands, he decided to move away from conventional band-dependant music and learn electronic music production.

The basis of his creations is intricate sound design, including dynamic, organ rattling sub-bass and crunchy midrange synthesis, as well as groovy, progressive footwork, and psychedelic atmos-synthesis.

Ekologist takes inspiration from genres such as trap, hip-hop, jazz, and metal. Significant influences include artists such as CharlestheFirst, Shades, Eprom, and Tsuruda.

Services Offered

  • Electronic/bass music production lessons
  • Electronic track mastering
  • Album art design

References and rates available upon request.

For any inquiries, please send an email to jeneya.smith@gmail.com

Unspeakable World (feat. sila)