Emmanuel Gabriel


Hi, I’m Emmanuel, people call me Nel now you know my name as a way to find what I do. But whatever it is that I do, this isn’t about me.

I was born with the ability to make music, I don’t remember ever asking for it, but I got it and it seemed, early on, that this was what I was supposed to do, the most meaningful thing I could do, in fact.

I’m the transmitter, not the message, the message is all that matters. The message about every human being is connected to something grand, something deep, beautiful, poetic. Music reminds us of that. When we’re working hard, focusing on our career, our bills or paycheck, the next piece of stuff we’re going to buy and how that last one wasn’t all that great afterall. We forget the miracle of our very existence, we take it for granted. Music reminds us of that miracle. So I make music because I can make music I do my best so that the music that comes out of me reminds you of how much of an improbable and beautiful miracle you are.

Music reminds you that you are loved, that you matter. It doesn’t tell you how or why, cause all that matters is that you remember that you are, and that you do.

this isn’t about me, I’m just the messenger